Phonak Audéo M 30

Phonak Audéo M 30

The Phonak Audéo M (Marvel) Essential hearing aids are now available at Discount Hearing. These devices are selling for the cheapest price in Australia. For fantastic value you can get these amazing Swiss-designed RIC (Receiver-in-the-Canal) hearing aids. The Audéo M Essential hearing aids have the latest Phonak technology, including the top-rated Bluetooth Classic low power consumption protocol. The Essential technology, although having reduced features, will still provide you with excellent hearing in easy listening situations.

AutoSense OS 3.0 technology powers these devices and sets the platform for the Audéo Marvel Essential level. The hearing aid will constantly scan your surroundings, and adjust the sound signals across 200 settings. Still including the features for speech clarity in calm and noise situations, this model is for you if you lead a quiet lifestyle, mostly within a home setting. You’ll experience natural-sounding speech in one-on-one conversations and intimate groups. Clear sound while watching TV will also be an advantage.

The Audéo M Essential hearing aids will connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone for streaming phone calls, hands free, to both ears. The streamed quality from any audio source is excellent – including streamed music. Your Audiologist or Audiometrist can fine-tune your Audéo M Essential hearing aids across 8 channels. You may wish to make use of the Phonak smartphone apps for your hearing aids. The Phonak Remote app works like a remote control for your hearing aids and the My Hearing Diary app allows you to rate your hearing experiences. You can discuss your experiences with your Audiologist or Audiometrist via live video chat with the myPhonak app. This means your clinician can remotely tune your hearing aids if required.

You can learn more about these marvellous devices by downloading these information packs:

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  2. Phonak Marvel User Guide
  3. Phonak Marvel Wireless Accessories