Starkey Livio AI 2400 Rechargeable

Starkey Livio AI 2400 Rechargeable

Hearing aids are now advancing to become hearing and health devices. The Starkey Livio AI Rechargeable hearing aid offers you everything – great hearing, health tracking and sustainability. And Discount Hearing has it for the cheapest price in Australia! Lithium-ion batteries give long-lasting power with reliable technology. You can get 24 hours of power when fully recharged, even if you’re streaming. If you forget to charge up – don’t despair! A quick seven minute charge gives you three-and-a-half hours of power. These rechargeable hearing aids can also come with a Mini Turbo Charger, which will give you an extra four charges for a pair of hearing aids, without having to find a power outlet.

The Starkey Livio AI (Artificial Intelligence) hearing aids are only available as a Premium model and have some exceptional features. With this technology level you can expect outstanding speech clarity in noisy environments. Starkey report Livio AI Premium users experience up to 50% better noise management in dynamic soundscapes. You’ll get full directional processing of signals in even the most complex listening situations. This, along with superior noise reduction, means your listening effort is reduced. There’s also a music optimisation program giving you full, natural-sounding music, even when streaming. These hearing aids use 2.4GHz Bluetooth, connect directly to Apple or Android phones and give you ultimate control of your streaming. The Tap Control starts and stops the streamed signal into your hearing aid with an easy ‘tap’.  

The Livio AI is equipped with inertial measurement sensors and these, in conjunction with the Thrive Hearing smartphone app, take this hearing aid to the next level. With Thrive you can do a myriad of things including adjusting your hearing aid through the Equaliser, change the microphone direction and geotag your locations. But the Livio AI offers so much more, as it’s also a health tracking device. The features are numerous! There’s the Brain and Body score where Thrive tracks not only your use with the hearing aid and how you’re engaging with people, but also how you’re moving your body (via the on-board sensors). There’s a Language Translation feature which can translate 27 different languages straight into your hearing aid – and then your speech is translated to text for the person you’re communicating with to read off your phone. There’s also the Fall Detection System which utilises the sensors to detect if you’ve had a fall. It then sends a text to a nominated loved one, alerting them that you need assistance. And another awesome feature is that you can contact your hearing Healthcare Provider through Thrive and have remote adjustments made to your hearing aid.

There are so many more features in these truly remarkable hearing devices. Read more by downloading the brochure below:

  1. Starkey Livio AI Customer Brochure