Widex Evoke 330 FS2-Z Rechargeable

Widex Evoke 330 FS2-Z Rechargeable

Do you want advanced technology for your rechargeable hearing aid at a great price? Well at Discount Hearing you can purchase the Widex EVOKE Fusion 2-Z Rechargeable Advanced model for the cheapest price in Australia. The ‘Z’ stands for Z-Power rechargeability. This sustainable rechargeable battery uses the updated silver-zinc battery source. You’ll get up to 24 hours of power, after three to four hours of charging, for these hearing aids – even if you’re streaming! It gives you this long-lasting charge due to its low power consumption.

The Widex EVOKE hearing aid was the first hearing aid on the market to use Machine Learning – a type of Artificial Intelligence. SoundSense Learn is the technology in the EVOKE Fusion 2-Z hearing aid that teaches the hearing aid your preferences in each listening environment. You can do all the sound selections yourself with use of the Fluid Sound Controller in the EVOKE app on your smartphone. With this technology, in the Advanced model, you’ll be able to adjust different parameters in seven sound classes. This happens in real time for natural sounding hearing. But if you want everything to be completely automated, the EVOKE Fusion 2-Z gives you the Universal program and it’ll do all the work for you. Your Audiologist or Audiometrist can tune your EVOKE Fusion 2-Z Advanced hearing aid across 12 channels, and set your hearing aid with four programs for you to use.

Having a hearing aid that learns your preferences is really cool and so is being able to stream with Bluetooth. The EVOKE Fusion 2-Z has a fantastic Bluetooth protocol that is directly compatible with iPhones. You can still access streaming and smartphone apps with an Android phone, using an auxiliary device. On top of all this, the EVOKE Fusion 2-Z also has a Telecoil in the hearing aid. For other hearing aid brands this is an extra feature, but not in the EVOKE Fusion 2-Z. The Telecoil is a wonderful robust technology, which allows you to connect to public induction loop systems (theatre, church, conference halls for example) for clearer hearing in these locations.

Zen Therapy is also a brilliant feature in the EVOKE Fusion 2-Z hearing aid. This tinnitus-specific program is highly regarded as one of the best tinnitus applications found in hearing devices. The tones you hear through your Zen Therapy program are adjusted through the Widex Zen, Tinnitus Management smartphone app. The Zen feature, along with Machine Learning in the EVOKE Fusion 2-Z hearing aid, makes this a very smart hearing aid, indeed.

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