Oticon OPN 3 IIC Invisible Hearing Aid

Oticon OPN 3 IIC Invisible Hearing Aid

For the cheapest price in Australia, you can purchase the Oticon Opn 3 IIC (Invisible-in-the-ear) hearing aids from Discount Hearing. That’s right, we have the lowest price available for this Standard model miniature device. The Opn 3 IIC hearing aids have the ground-breaking technology of the OpenSound Navigator. This custom-made device scans your environment over 100 times per second, adjusting the sounds to help you hear more clearly. In the Standard model, unwanted noise will be reduced by three decibels and you’ll experience a good balance of sound. This hearing aid is perfect for quieter environments, listening to the TV and small group conversations.

With the Opn 3 IIC Standard model, you’ll have access to sounds up to 8,000 Hertz. Your Audiologist can adjust this hearing aid across 48 processing channels and 12 fitting bands. You’ll experience an improved understanding of speech in quiet and in less complex listening situations. The features of the OpenSound Navigator make hearing easier for the brain. Oticon call this BrainHearing support. The combination of all the technologies in the Opn devices give the brain, and you, better conditions to hear in. You have open access to all speakers in the room, in a 360° radius, with Level 3 technology.

Oticon has optimised the shape of this IIC to produce their tiniest hearing aid ever. The technology inside has been miniaturised allowing for a smaller device. This enabled the IIC’s faceplate size to be altered and the length and width of the device reduced. These changes mean that 80% of people have an ear canal shape appropriate for this invisible hearing aid.