Oticon OPN S 2

Oticon OPN S 2

Discount Hearing can offer you the cheapest price in Australia for the Oticon Opn S 2 Advanced level hearing aids. For $5,500.00 you’ll receive two of these brilliant hearing aids that run off the new Velox S platform. The Opn S 2 Advanced model will give you beautiful speech understanding in noise as it scans your listening environment over 100 times per second across 48 processing channels. As it scans, unwanted interference is removed by 5 decibels, cleaning the sound between words giving wonderful clarity to speech, even in complex listening situations.

Do you miss the individuality of the speaker’s voice? The Opn S 2 has technology to help with this issue. Level 2 Speech Guard gives back natural sounding speech to the sound of each voice, making listening easier. You’ll also get high speed communication between your two hearing aids to balance the loudness and sound quality for true spatial sound awareness. Two estimators work together in the Advanced Opn S 2 hearing aids to provide this three-dimensional focus and balance.

Your Audiologist or Audiometrist will also be able to adjust the Opn S 2 hearing aid across 14 fitting bands to give you excellent sound quality up to 8,000 Hertz. Powered by the new Velox S chip, these Advanced hearing aids will enhance your day-to-day listening, opening up your communication experiences in all environments. This hearing aid allows your brain to access and focus on the sounds that are important you. This means easier listening, allowing you to remember what’s being said and follow the conversation naturally, as you used to.

You can learn more about these amazing devices by downloading these information packs:

  1. OPN S Product Guide
  2. OPN S Consumer Brochure