Oticon OPN S 3

Oticon OPN 3

Are you looking for the best priced hearing aids in Australia for the Oticon Opn S 3 Mid-range technology hearing aids? Well for $5,000.00 you’ve come to the right place! This hearing aid is fantastic in most listening situations with its fast processing power giving you clear speech understanding even with competing background noise. While it scans your listening environment over 100 times per second across 48 processing channels, the Opn S 3 also will also reduce unwanted noise by 3 decibels. This means speech will always be louder than background noise, reducing the listening effort in noisy situations.

Assisting this amazing technology is the Level 3 Speech Guard feature. Quickly adapting to the environment and your personal hearing levels the Opn S 3 hearing aids will help keep individual speech sounding natural. Sound and loudness quality is assisted by fast communication between your two hearing aids. Supported by the technology of two estimators, this will ensure you know where sound is coming from, giving you a good balance of sound and power in your hearing aids.

Your Audiologist or Audiometrist will also be able to adjust the Opn S 3 hearing aids for sound frequencies up to 8,000 Hertz across 12 fitting bands, to ensure your hearing needs are met. The power of the Velox S platform in these hearing aids will give you a beautiful open sound experience. The continuous scanning of your listening environment means you can focus on the sounds that you want and enjoy a natural hearing experience.

You can learn more about these amazing devices by downloading these information packs:

  1. OPN S Product Guide
  2. OPN S Consumer Brochure