Phonak Audéo M 90

Phonak Audéo M 90

The Phonak Audéo M (Marvel) Premium hearing aids are now available for you at the cheapest price in Australia. With a number of outstanding features, the Audéo M Premium hearing aids are in front of the pack. These high quality Swiss-made hearing aids are powered by AutoSense OS 3.0, and give you amazing sound quality for all streamed signals. This technology continually scans your surroundings, adjusting the signals with artificial intelligence across 200 settings. The Premium model will automatically adjust to all listening environments, including when listening to speech in the car, speech in wind noise and speech in loud noise situations. You can have three additional programs set – there’s even one to help in environments where reverberation or ‘echo’ is a problem. With EchoBlock enabled, annoying reflections of sound are removed, leaving you with clear and undistorted speech.

With the Audéo M Premium hearing aids, it doesn’t matter what type of phone you use – as long as it’s Bluetooth enabled, you’ll be able to connect and stream phone calls, hands free, to both ears. The low-consumption Bluetooth Classic protocol means you can directly connect to any audio source and have top-rated streamed quality. They also have the fantastic feature of changing call to text so when someone calls you, the speaker’s voice will transcribe to text on your smartphone as you listen.

Your Audiologist or Audiometrist can fine-tune your Audéo M Premium hearing aids across 20 channels. You can also connect to them remotely through the myPhonak app. This means a live video chat appointment where they can make real time adjustments to your hearing aids. And don’t forget to utilise the other smartphone apps available with this hearing aid – the Phonak Remote app (a remote control for your hearing aids) and the My Hearing Diary app for you to rate your hearing experiences.

You can learn more about these marvellous devices by downloading these information packs:

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