Phonak Audéo M-R 30 Rechargeable

Phonak Audéo M-R 50 Rechargeable

Are you looking for discounted prices for the Phonak Audéo M (Marvel) Rechargeable Standard hearing aids? At Discount Hearing you’ll get the best price in Australia of $5,500.00 for two Audéo M Rechargeable Standard hearing aids. Giving you an environmentally-friendly approach to power, these hearing aids are your answer with long-lasting Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. You can charge overnight in the easy to use mini-charger, but it only takes three hours of charge to get you a full day’s worth of power. If you want to stream with your hearing aids, this charge will give you around 16 hours of battery life with four hours of streaming.

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Audéo M Rechargeable Standard hearing aids are powered by AutoSense OS 3.0. This technology is constantly scanning your surroundings, and adjusting the sound signals across 200 settings. The Standard model will provide you with natural-sounding speech in less challenging listening situations, such as hearing in the home, listening to TV, and small groups. You’ll have access to features to improve the clarity of speech in noise as your hearing aids automatically adapt to your surroundings.

The Audéo M Rechargeable Standard hearing aids will connect to any Bluetooth-enabled phone for streaming phone calls, hands free, to both ears. The streamed quality from any audio source is top-rated. Your Audiologist or Audiometrist can fine-tune your Audéo M Rechargeable Standard hearing aids across 12 channels. You may wish to make use of the Phonak smartphone apps for your hearing aids. The Phonak Remote app works like a remote control for your hearing aids and the My Hearing Diary app allows you to rate your hearing experiences. You can discuss your experiences with your Audiologist or Audiometrist via live video chat with the myPhonak app. This means your clinician can remotely tune your hearing aids if required.

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