Starkey Livio 1600 Rechargeable

Starkey Livio 1600 Rechargeable

Do you need a rechargeable hearing aid for less complex listening environments? Then the Starkey Livio Select (Standard technology) Rechargeable hearing aids could be for you. And the best news is that you can buy them here for the cheapest price in Australia. The Livio Rechargeable devices use Lithium-ion batteries so you can be assured of long-lasting power with reliable technology. This rechargeable hearing aid has great power options. You can get 24 hours of power when fully recharged, even if you’re streaming. And if you forget to charge up your hearing aid – don’t despair! With only a quick seven minute charge, you’ll get three-and-a-half hours of power. You can also get the Mini Turbo Charger with these hearing aids. This clever device, when fully charged, will charge a pair of hearing aids up to four times, without having to find a power outlet. So if you want to go ‘off-grid’ for a few days, this is the perfect solution.

The Starkey Livio Standard technology hearing aids work off the Thrive platform. They offer some great features, including access to Thrive Hearing control and a Telehealth program. If you have a quieter lifestyle and want a hearing aid for listening to the TV and communicating in relaxed, informal situations, this hearing aid will suit your needs. Speech optimisation will be excellent in quieter environments. Your Hearing Healthcare Provider (HHCP) can adjust this hearing aid across 16 channels over an extended sound bandwidth up to 10,000Hz.

These hearing aids use 2.4GHz Bluetooth and near field magnetic induction. This allows your hearing aids to communicate with each other to give you excellent binaural listening, even when streaming. You can stream directly to Apple or Android phones. You’ll have access to the Thrive Hearing smartphone app, where you can create memories for your listening environments. In the app you’ll be able to adjust sounds with the Equaliser, across four frequency bands – Low, Mid, High and Ultra. This app also allows you to control the direction of your microphone. In doing this you can focus the microphone to the sounds you want, even in difficult listening situations. And Thrive Hearing also means you can request your HHCP to make adjustments to your hearing aid remotely.

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