Buying Hearing Aids Online

The first step is to select your hearing aids.

Call us at Discount Hearing if you want some assistance at this stage - our hearing experts can discuss your options with you.

After you’ve checked out online, the hearing aids will be shipped to your nearest Hearing clinic.

 What’s Included

When you decide to purchase hearing aids through Discount Hearing, you’ll receive:

  • Your selected hearing aids
  • 30 day risk free trial
  • Money back guarantee*
  • Fitting and aftercare service at a Hearing clinic near you

 Discount Hearing will liaise with the Hearing clinic to arrange your appointment. You’ll have your hearing test and then immediately be fitted with your hearing aids**.

Service Packages

The cost of your hearing aids will vary depending on the level of technology you choose. Our aftercare packages offer extra service and come in three levels. You have the opportunity to nominate the package and service that’s right for you:

  • If you opt for the Fit & Go purchase, you’re entitled to 30 days of service and aftercare. When the 30 days is up all subsequent consultations maybe charged as agreed with your Hearing clinic.
  • One, two and three years’ aftercare packages are available to purchase separately. These packages come with some great savings –
  • One Year of service $399
  • Two years of service: $699 – a saving of 15%
  • Three years of serve $999 – a saving of 17%

    If you decide at a later date that you really want one of our aftercare packages (and make some great savings!), you can always purchase extra service anytime on our website. Don’t forget every year of service comes with two new boxes of batteries***.

     Hearing Aid Warranty

    All hearing aids at Discount Hearing include a three year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. You can choose to purchase a further one or two years’ warranty to include in your hearing aid package. If your feel your hearing aids are not working as they should, contact your Hearing clinic. The aids will be checked and sent off for repair if they are found to be faulty

    There’s also a 12-month manufacturer warranty for loss and damage, that comes with your hearing aids. This covers accidental loss or damage of your hearing aids within the first 12 months of fitting. If this happens your hearing aids can be replaced with brand new hearing aids - conditions and excess may apply in these situations and can vary between manufacturers.

    *less $250 restocking fee if hearing aids have been fitted to cover clinicians time. No charge if returned before fitting.

    **excluding custom fit hearing aids that require an impression of your ear.

    ***excluding hearing aids with rechargeable batteries.