Unitron Moxi Fit 7

Unitron Moxi Fit D7

Yes – you’ve found it - the cheapest price in Australia for Unitron’s Moxi Fit D7 hearing aids! You’ll be able to buy two of these hearing aids for just $5,500.00. The Moxi Fit D7 is the Advanced hearing aid in the Unitron Discover range of hearing aids and uses SoundCore technology to augment your hearing levels. Features such as SoundNav, Sound Conductor and Spatial Awareness all work together to give you effortless, natural hearing. Speech locator and Personalised Spatial Awareness technology will assist you to focus and understand speech, in most listening situations. Your Hearing Health Clinician (HHP) can set up seven listening environments on your Moxi Fit D7 hearing aids. SoundNav will automatically classify the listening environment for you and change your listening environment as required.

The unique and exciting feature of the Moxi Fit D7 is the Flex:Trial and Flex:Upgrade system. Here you can trial the Moxi Fit D7 and rate how you feel about the hearing aids in all your listening environments with the Remote Plus and Log It All apps. If the Flex:Trial hearing aid technology didn’t match your needs you can upgrade your hearing aid to the higher technology (D9) with the Flex:Upgrade system. Your HHP will alter the software for your hearing aid, but you’ll retain the same hearing aid, and pay the difference for the upgrade.

Connectivity in the Moxi Fit D7 Advanced hearing aids is fantastic. The Bluetooth protocol allows for hands-free phone calls for any smartphone (Apple or Android), to both ears. With a quick touch of a button on your hearing aid, you can answer a call or send it to voicemail. The same goes for streaming music, podcasts or audiobooks from your phone – great sound, easy connectivity – for everyone.

You can learn more about these fantastic devices by downloading the information brochure:

  1. Unitron Discover Consumer Pamphlet