Oticon OPN S 1 Rechargeable

Oticon OPN S 1 Rechargeable

Are you looking for an environmentally-friendly hearing aid that will give you the best technology available for your hearing? For the best price in Australia of $6,500.00 you’ll receive two Oticon Opn S 1 Rechargeable Premium hearing aids. Utilising the long-lasting Lithium-ion battery, you’ll get a full day’s power with just three hours of charging. Even using the streaming capabilities of this hearing aid, you’ll still get 16 hours of power. The charging case is Nordic designed. It’s easy to use, pleasing to the eye and gives you that sustainable option. The elegant charger holds your wireless slimline miniRITE (Receiver-in-the-Ear) hearing aids while you sleep. You’ll wake up knowing you’re ready to hear for the day.

The OPN S Premium Rechargeable hearing aid scans your entire hearing environment continuously, at a very fast rate. While it’s scanning, it removes unwanted background interference by up to 9 decibels giving you greater understanding of speech in noise. You’ll get 100% balance of your soundscape across an amazing range of frequencies - up to 10,000 Hertz through 64 processing channels. This fantastic hearing aid will provide you with optimal sound quality and listening comfort making it easier for you to hear what you want to hear, in any listening situation. This comfort is enabled through four configurations of transient noise management (the ability to identify and reduce loud intrusive sounds such as dishes clattering or banging sounds) in the Opn S 1 technology.

Level 1 Speech Guard technology maintains all the natural qualities of the speaker’s voice – this gives the Opn S 1 Rechargeable hearing aid users all the nuances of individual speech, meaning less listening effort. The high speed data sharing between your two hearing aids balances the loudness and continually adjusts for ear-to-ear differences in sound. Four estimators in the hearing aids will provide the user with excellent localisation of sound meaning fantastic spatial awareness and balance. The Opn S 1 Rechargeable is an amazing piece of technology, driven by the new Velox S chip. It boosts communication to a whole new level – making hearing enjoyable again, taking years off your ears.

You can learn more about these amazing devices by downloading these information packs:

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