Signia Pure 5Nx

Signia Pure 5Nx

For an Advanced level technology hearing aid, the Signia Pure 5Nx could be just what you’re looking for. At Discount Hearing, we have these devices for the cheapest price in Australia. The Signia Pure 5Nx hearing aids have Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology – this is unique to the Signia brand. OVP works by identifying your voice from other noise sources. It then processes your voice independently from these sounds, allowing you to adapt quickly to your hearing aids.

The Advanced level technology 3D classifier gives you a multi-dimensional feel for your listening environment as your voice, movement and acoustic information are combined to provide full and natural sound. Sound and speech clarity in this model will provide natural sounds, high definition music quality and excellent spatial awareness. Your Hearing clinician can tune your Signia 5Nx Advanced hearing aids across 32 frequency channels, to meet your hearing requirements. With improved recognition of speech, natural voice quality and focus directionality in background noise, you’ll have less listening effort to enjoy your world of sound.

The high-capacity power cell in the Pure 5Nx gives you enhanced Bluetooth connectivity. This is a Made for iPhone hearing aid where you’ll enjoy excellent streaming quality of phone calls to both ears, as well as beautiful streamed music and TV audio. If your phone is an Android model, you can still stream successfully via the StreamLine Mic accessory. When you download the myControl app you’ll be able to personally adjust the settings in your hearing aids. And the myHearing app will give you information, support and other useful information to the help you wear your hearing aids successfully. You’ll be able to connect remotely to your Hearing clinician and they can adjust your Signia Pure 5Nx hearing aids according to your responses and changes you’d like for your best hearing.

You can learn more about these marvellous devices by downloading these information packs:

  1. Signia Pure Nx User Guide