Signia Silk 7Nx Invisible Hearing Aid

Signia Silk 7Nx Invisible Hearing Aid

Discount Hearing has a great deal for you! For the cheapest price in Australia you can get the Signia Silk 7Nx Premium IIC (Invisible-in-the-Canal) hearing aids. These hidden devices have a number of fantastic features – one the best being that they’re ready to wear. This means you don’t need to have an impression taken of your ear for a custom fit. They use ‘click sleeves’ to ensure you get the right size. Your Hearing Clinician can set you up to ‘click, fit and go’.

The Premium Silk 7Nx model gives you excellent sound clarity with spatial speech focus and noise management. You’ll be able to hear beautifully even in complex listening environments, gaining outstanding directional speech enhancement. With a multi-dimensional listening environment, created through the 3D classifier you’ll have a full and natural sound experience. You’ll also enjoy high definition music quality and brilliant spatial awareness. Your Hearing clinician can tune this hearing aids across 48 processing channels and 20 adjustment bands. This hearing aid will provide an improved recognition of speech in background noise providing greater communication enjoyment with less listening effort.

 The Silk 7Nx can also connect with other wireless devices – this is unusual for most invisible hearing aids. This tiny device will connect with Apple or Android smartphones via the TouchControl app. In this app, you can make adjustments to your hearing aid, such as changing volume or programs. The connectivity allows for people who have single-sided deafness to also use this hearing aid. It will re-route the signal from your deaf ear, over to your good ear in what is known as a ‘CROS’ fit. The other smartphone app, myHearing, means these hearing aids are Telecare ready, giving you the technology to connect with your Hearing clinician for remote hearing aid adjustments. When you connect to your Hearing Care professional through this application, you’ll have a ‘virtual’ appointment where you can tell your clinician what’s working with your hearing aid and what adjustments you need. All this, without leaving the comfort of your home!

You can learn more about these marvellous devices by downloading these information packs:

  1. Signia Silk NX Brochure