Unitron Moxi Fit 9

Unitron Moxi Fit D9

Welcome to Discount Hearing where you can get the Unitron’s Moxi Fit D9 technology hearing aid the cheapest price in Australia. For only of $6,000.00 you get two hearing aids of this model. The Moxi Fit D9 is the Premium hearing aid in the Unitron Discover range of hearing aids. The Discover platform provides all the amazing features in the Moxi Fit D9 that you’re sure to fall in love with. Using all four parameters of SoundCore technology you’ll find you’re hearing again like you did in your twenties. SoundNav, Sound Conductor, Spatial Awareness and in particular, SpeechPro, all work together for effortless, natural hearing. You’ll be able to locate, focus and understand speech, even in the most complex listening situations. Your Hearing Health Clinician (HHP) can set your hearing aid for up to nine listening environments but with SoundNav you won’t have to think about changing the settings. This feature will automatically classify the listening environment for you and change your listening environment as required. So if you’re in a quiet space, and you move to a noisy one, the Moxi Fit D9 will detect the change, and put you in the ideal program setting.

Another fantastic feature in the Moxi Fit D9 Premium hearing aids is the connectivity. With these devices you’ll get hands-free phone calls for any smartphone, to both ears. With a quick touch of a button on your hearing aid, you can answer a call or send it to voicemail. The same goes for streaming music, podcasts or audiobooks from your phone – great sound, easy connectivity. And don’t forget to download the Remote Plus app on your smartphone to rate let your HHP know how you’re going as you rate your hearing aids.

You can learn more about these fantastic devices by downloading the information brochure:

  1. Unitron Discover Consumer Pamphlet